With years of experience as a top DJ, Music Curator, A&R Producer, and Music Compiler in Boston and New York City as well as the uncanny ability to unearth hidden musical gems from the shadows of obscurity, Sonodea founder Felix Cutillo has developed a reputation as the man to go to for good music.

Born in London, England, Felix began his music career as a DJ in 1986 in Boston and quickly built a reputation as a cutting-edge DJ willing to take risks with his song selections. Over the next two decades, Cutillo opened Boston Beat Records, one of the country's first record stores aimed at DJ's; created his own music label called Europa Pop, under which he launched the Visage Series; and joined clothing retailer Louis of Boston to launch an in-store music bar that transformed customers' shopping experience and had them clamoring for his handpicked songs from around the world.

Felix relocated to New York City in 2005 to become Bergdorf Goodman's Music Curator. There he set up VOLUME, a music and book bar that once again allowed him to add another dimension to a high-end retail atmosphere. He compiled two CD's for Bergdorf: "Volume 1 Bergdorf Goodman" and "A Very Bergdorf Holiday," both of which allowed customers to connect with the Bergdorf Goodman brand every time they pressed play.

After seeing the success of his second music bar, Felix had discovered firsthand the positive effects of music in commercial environments. He also began to realize that many companies underestimate and undervalue the power of music as a tool to extend product or service experiences. These two discoveries led him to found Sonodea in 2007. Today, Sonodea continues to attract some of the most reputable restaurants, hotels, corporations and retailers seeking personalized music solutions to enhance their customers' experience.




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